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Aunt May
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Name: May Parker
Alias(es): Aunt May
Aunt Hottie
Spouse(s): Ben Parker
Portrayed by: Marisa Tomei
First appeared: Captain America: Civil War
Last appeared: Spider-Man: No Way Home
"You know, It's so hard for me to believe that she is someone's aunt."
"Yeah, we come in all shapes and sizes, you know.
Tony Stark and Aunt May[src]

May Parker, commonly known as Aunt May, is a fictional supporting character from the Marvel Comics' Spider-Man series. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko in 1962. She portrayed by Marisa Tomei in Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

She is depicted as a housewife who is widowed and is the one who encouraged Peter having to raise him alone after the death of her husband, constantly worrying about him as well as giving him advice, including that she believed Tony Stark's "internship" may not be the best thing for him, as it left him distracted and took away from his school life. May has been described as being very attractive as further evidence by comments from Tony Stark and a server at a Thai restaurant, who winked at her and gave her free food.


Captain America: Civil War

May Parker was greeted by Tony Stark at her and her nephew's apartment. He told her that he had offered Peter a scholarship. Before Peter came back to her apartment, the two were seemingly into a discussion, with Stark complimenting May on her walnut date loaves. When Peter got home from school, May asked him why he did not tell her about the scholarship. Peter, knowing he did not apply for a scholarship and did not receive one, played along until he and Stark decided to discuss everything in private. May later treated Peter's injuries. When she asked where he got his bruises, Peter claimed that he had gotten into a fight with a guy from Brooklyn named Steve and his huge friend.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Two months later, May let Ned Leeds, a friend of Peter's, into his room so he could build his Lego with Peter. A few minutes later, May heard a crash and asked what it was, to which Peter replied was nothing. She came by the room, to find Peter in his underwear and Ned's Lego scattered over the floor. She invited the two to a Thai restaurant, which Peter accepted but told May that Ned was unable to go. May told Peter to perhaps put on some clothes before they went out.

At the restaurant, May commented on how Peter had barely touched his food. Seeing that her nephew was distracted, she turned around and saw on the television, footage of the Robbery at Queens Community Bank. May tells Peter to run for safety if he ever sees something like that happening. A waiter then gave her an extra helping of food, which surprised May as she did not order it. The waiter insisted that it was on the house, and once he left Peter pointed out that he had given it to her out of sheer physical attraction. A few nights later, May dropped Peter and Ned Leeds off at Liz Toomes' party, telling him that it was okay to be nervous. Before the two got out of the car, May complemented Ned on his hat.

After receiving a call from the Midtown School of Science and Technology about Peter attempting to skip school and leaving detention early, May waited for Peter to come home so she could talk to him. When Peter came home, she confronted him, informing him that she knew of his absence from school and his sneaking out of the house. She offered to help him with whatever he needed, only that he had to tell her what was going on. Peter confessed that he had lost the Stark Internship. May comforted Peter and told him that she was there for him.

Several days later, Peter ran into their house and told May that he needed her help in preparing for the Homecoming Dance, as he had got a date with Liz Toomes. May helped Peter out, by giving him a suit to wear, a corsage and teaching him how to tie. On the night of the dance, May dropped Peter off at Liz's house after giving some last minute advice. A few days after the homecoming dance, May walked into Peter's room and found her nephew in his Spider-Man Suit, to which she exclaimed her surprise.



  • This is so far the youngest portrayal Aunt May in the Spider-Man franchise, She is also notably more attractive than her past incarnations. Both of these facts are what make her stand out among these other portrayals and had resulted in some backlash.
  • Tony Stark was admittedly attracted to Aunt May (and secretly nicknamed "aunt hottie" behind her back), and told her how shocking it was that she was an aunt. May, somewhat flattered, claimed they all came in all shapes and sizes. This conversation was likely referencing how all of Aunt May's movie portrayals and incarnations in other media are depicted as elderly women.

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