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Avengers: Infinity War is the sequel to The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. The film is the nineteenth main installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the seventh in Phase Three. The movie was released on April 27, 2018.


Thanos serves as the main antagonist of the film, with the plot revolving around the Infinity Gauntlet and the six Infinity Stones. Thanos and his children arrive to Asgard where they attack the survivors of Thor: Ragnarok, who are on their ship. On the planet, Thanos orders Loki to give him the Tesseract, an Infinity Stone, or else he will kill Loki's brother Thor. At first Loki allows Thanos to kill Thor, but pauses it before his brother could be killed and gives Thanos the Tesseract. As Thanos is given it, Loki is assisted by the Hulk who at first beats Thanos but is defeated. Then Loki himself attempts to defeat Thanos but is killed by the Mad Titan. After this, Thanos acquires the Tesseract's Space Stone and then Heimdall uses the Bifrost to teleport Hulk to Earth before being killed. Thanos leaves Asgard and Hulk crashess down to his home planet Earth in Sanctum Sancorum, New York where he transforms back into Bruce Banner. There, he is found by Doctor Strange and Wong and tells them that Thanos is coming. Meanwhile, Tony Stark tells Pepper Potts he had a dream where they had a son named Morgan after Pepper's uncle. However, they are interrupted by Strange who arrives to recruit Stark; and though he refuses at firsr, Banner comes along and convinces his old friend to tag and then arrives two of Thanos' children- Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian- who arrived to get the Time Stone from Strange, which has the heroes ready with Stark changing into Iron Man, and attempts to have Banner to transform into the Hulk but is unable to. Meanwhile during the battle, Peter Parker witnesses the event and the villains' ship, needing to help the heroes as Spider-Man. He then has his friend Ned Leeds distract everyone on the bus by showing them the spaceship while Parker sticks out of the bus and suits up, joining the battle. Stark orders Parker to save Strange, but fails ending up in Strange being captured by Maw as Wong teleports Obsidian away from the location. Parker flies with his spider-webs onto the ship but loses oxygen and fails to breath until Stark saves him by putting on him the Iron-Spider Armor, which is made up of nanotech like Stark's own nanotech-based armor and they sneak into the ship. Banner and Wong are still in the Sanctum, where Wong remains to guard it while Banner contacts Steve Rogers. Stark and Parker rescue Strange while also throwing Maw to outside of the ship, freezing and killing him.

In Scotland, Wanda Maximoff and Vision are attacked by other children of Thanos, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, to remove the Mind Stone that gives Vision life. However, soon comes Steve Rogers, having returned as Captain America. He has arrived with Sam Wilson and Natasha Romanoff as a bigger battle ensues. At the Avengers headquarters, James Rhodes has a conversation with General Ross discussing the Civil War that previously happened, before Rhodes meets with Banner, Rogers, Maximoff, Vision, Romanoff, and Wilson. While they talk about the team coming back together, they tell Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Scott Lang/Ant-Man are both under house arrest. Vision suggests that Maximoff should destroy the Mind Stone to stop Thanos, and Rogers believes that Wakanda has the resources to do so without killing Vision.

The Guardians of the Galaxy are travelling in outer space where they respond to a distress signal while they find Thor, thrown out of Asgard, fallen on their ship. They put him into their ship where they awake him, and Thor discovers Thanos' plan while he,the Guardians' commander, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot head to a planet to find resources to create new weapons to defeat Thanos, with Thor creating an axe called Stormbreaker. The other Guardians discover that the Reality Stone is in posession of the Collector on Knowhere. Peter Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Mantis arrive there and find Thanos confronting the Collector and asking him the location of the Stone, though the Collector claims he sold it. The Guardians show themselves and Gamora remembers when Thanos adopted her as his daughter as she was given a blade in which now in the prsent she uses to apparently kill Thanos, but is revealed that Thanos created the illusion before kidnapping Gamora and preventing Quill's attack. Thanos shows Gamora's adoptive sister, Nebula, being tortured and Gamora gives away the location of the Soul Stone to have Nebula live. They travel to Vormir where Red Skull is andhe reveals that the only way to get the Soul Stone is to sacrifice someone he loves, forcing Thanos to kill his own daughtter by throwing her off a cliff. Thanos regrets this decision while acquiring the Soul Stone.

Nebula, having escaped, tells the Guardians to meet her on Titan, Thanos' destroyed homeworld. They arrive to Titan with Stark, Parker, and Strange and both groups mistake each other for working for Thanos before both revealing they are on the same side before forming a plan to defeat Thanos. Strange sees 14 million futures with only one where Thanos loses. Their plan is to remove the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos' hand and soon he arrives, explaining that he will snap his fingers after having all the Stones which will wipe out half of the universe's population due to overpopulation being the cause of the destruction of Titan. After the heroes grab him with Iron Man and Spider-Man attempting to remove the Gauntlet but soon Quill discovers Thanos killed Gamora which puts him into a rage and accidently puts Thanos out of grasp and has Stark attempt to stop him with Thanos defeating the heroes and goes in a one-on-one fight with Iron Man, and Thanos keeps destroying his helmet though the nanotech enables him to regenerate it until barely of the armor is left and the suit is unable to regenerate and attempts to kill Thanos who stabs him and is about to kill him but Strange surrenders the Time Stone for Tony to live.

Rogers and his Avenger teammates arrive to Wakanda where Rogers meets his old friend Bucky Barnes, now the White Wolf. Shuri attempts to remove the Mind Stone with Vision surviving while the Avengers fight with

Characters Wakanda's defenses and Banner, unable to transform into the Hulk, is given Stark's Hulkbuster armor to fight. As the battle against Thanos' army ensues, all of the children of Thanos are killed. Thanos himself arrives to Wakanda where though Maximoff attempts to destroy the Mind Stone, Thanos kills Vision and acquires the Stone.

Thor, Rocket, and Groot arrive to Wakanda where Thor almost kills Thanos with the Stormbreaker, tough Thanos already has all the Stones and finally snaps his fingers, killing half of life in the universe including Bucky, T'Challa, Groot, Wanda, Sam, the Guardians, Parker and Strange. Stark and Nebula are stuck on Titan while Banner, M'Baku, Okoye, Rhodes, Rocket, Rogers, Romanoff, and Thor are left in Wakanda.

Thanos teleports to another planet, sitting down in victory.

In the post-credits scene, Nick Fury and Maria Hill attempt to contact Stark but fail, and as Hill and others in the city disintegrate so does Fury, but not before he is able to send a signal to Captain Marvel.


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