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Bernard Houseman
Name: Bernard Houseman
Portrayed by: John Paxton
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 3 Films
"The night your father died... I cleaned his wound. The blade that pierced his body... came from HIS glider. I know you're trying to defend your father's honor... but there's no question that he died by his own hand. I loved your father... as I have love you, Harry. As your friends love you."
―Bernard Houseman[src]

Bernard Houseman, is a fictional character, created for the Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy from 2002 to 2007. He featured in all three films in it and was portrayed by actor late John Paxton.


Spider-Man Prologue

Bernard Houseman was the long time personal butler of both Norman and Harry Osborn.Bernard was present the morning that Norman woke up after testing the serum on himself and sabotaging Quest Aerospace's tests. He was behind the woman who explained that Dr. Mendel Stromm has been murdered and armor and Goblin Glider had been stolen. After Spider-Man left Norman's body in his penthouse, Bernard cleaned his wound before the paramedics arrived.

Spider-Man 2

Bernard continued on as Harry's butler in the years following Norman's death. He commented on Harry's obsession with finding Spider-Man, not knowing that it was because Harry thought that Spider-Man murdered Norman, by saying "Your father only obsessed over his work". Angered by the comparison to Norman, Harry dismissed the remark and bid him goodnight.

Spider-Man 3

After Harry temporarily lost his memory, Bernard noticed the difference in his personality compared to when he was when he was trying to kill Spider-Man. Harry then had Mary Jane Watson over and Harry told Bernard that they're having a "guest" and he should bring some food. Bernard was surprised and delighted that Harry was having a guest.

Later, when Harry regained his memory and heard that his friend and past girlfriend, Mary Jane, were captured by Venom and The Sandman, Peter asked Harry for help so he could save her. Harry told Peter that he won't help him. After Peter left, Bernard told Harry that when he cleaned Norman's wound the night he died, he noticed the blade that pierced his skin was from his own glider. Harry left in order to save Mary Jane and Peter's lives. Harry sacrificed his life for Peter's. Bernard was also in attendance at Harry's funeral.

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