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Bonesaw McGraw
Bonesaw McGraw.jpg
Name: Bonesaw McGraw
Alias(es): Bonesaw
Rank: Wrestler
Portrayed by: Randy Savage
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man
Appears in: 1 Film
―Bonesaw McGraw[src]

Bonesaw McGraw is a professional wrestler from New York City. The character was created for the film and has never appeared in any Marvel comic before or since. His assistants, the Boner-ettes, were also present.



Not long after gaining his powers, Peter Parker takes part in a promotional wrestling event so he could win the $3000 prize money, so that he could use it to buy a car in order to impress Mary Jane Watson. In order to win the money, however, he would have to last three minutes in a cage match with Bonesaw McGraw. Although Bonesaw is an exceptional wrestler, Peter was quickly able to beat him by using his powers.


  • In the comics, the wrestler fought by Peter Parker is called Crusher Hogan.
  • Bonesaw's name is seen on a poster in the MCU film, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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