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The Cash Register Thief
Cash register thief.png
Name: Unknown
Alias(es): Uncle Ben's Killer
Portrayed by: Leif Gantvoort
Only Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Cash Register Thief, or Uncle Ben's killer, is a small-time crook who is now wanted for murder, owning an unregistered gun, and robbery.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter was in a convenience store trying to buy some chocolate milk, he didn't have enough change so had to leave it, a man with sunglasses behind Peter in the queue knocked something over, to distract the store clerk, then stole the money from the till before throwing the drink to Peter. The man then ran off, pursued by the Store Clerk who asked for Peter's help to catch him. Peter refused due to the owner not letting him have the drink and the thief ran into Ben Parker, who tried to stop him picking up his gun. The thief managed to grab his gun and shot Ben in the scuffle, the thief then ran off, and Ben died.

Peter then listens to crime reports and follows any that sound like the cash register thief. He locates and apprehends many criminals who fit the description, but none of them have a tattoo on their wrist.

Even after the death of Captain Stacy, he is still wanted by the police.


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