Curt Connors
Baker Connors
Name: Dr. Curtis Connors
Affiliation: Columbia University
Rank: Doctor/Professor
Portrayed by: Dylan Baker
First appeared: Spider-Man 2
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3

Dr. Curtis "Curt" Connors is a fictional character from Marvel Comics. He was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1963. American actor Dylan Baker played the character in the second and third of Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films.


Spider-Man 2

Connors is an amputee who was missing his right arm below the elbow. Many years ago, Connors befriended a colleague named Otto Octavius. Connors would later become is a Columbia University physics professor who grew a minor concerned over Peter Parker's well-being and academic performance in his quantum mechanics course. Most of this has to do with Peter's cutting classes and ordered him to do an internship with Dr. Octavius in order to raise his failing grades.

While teaching his usual coarse about what are the eigenvalues equal to, Connors picked Parker's raised up hand and got a correct answer, congratulating him on his work.

Spider-Man 3

Months later, Parker turned to Connors to analyze the substance of the parasitic Venom symbiote and after analysis. Connors informed Parker that it seem to be more aggressive and that it has a particular liking for him. Connors also noted that if Parker chooses to let him bind him like symbiote and hard unbind.

While Parker was bonded with the symbiote, Connors contacted Parker through a phonecall and told him that the piece of the suit that he was given is quite unlike any other specimen and that it amplifies characteristics of its host, specially aggression. Noting that that the suit could be dangerous, Connors told Parker if kept any of it and was answered with a no.


Lizard Concept

Lizard concept art by Constantine Sekeris

  • While scripting Spider-Man 4 Raimi expressed interest in portraying Connors transformation into his villainous alter-ego, the Lizard, and would be antagonist in the film. Both actor Dylan Baker and producer Grant Curtis were also enthusiastic about the idea. However Spider-Man 4 was eventually scrapped and the series re-booted with 2012's The Amazing Spider-Man which had The Lizard as the main antagonist portrayed by Rhys Ifans. Constantine Sekeris' concept art was released on the internet showing what Baker's character would have looked like had the fourth film went ahead.


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