The Burglar
Name: Dennis Carradine
Alias(es): "Carjacker"
Portrayed by: Michael Papajohn
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 2 Films
―The Carjacker after Peter let him escape[src]

Dennis Carradine was a petty small-time crook and carjacker in New York City. He is based heavily on the role of The Burglar from the Marvel comics created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1962. He was portrayed by actor Michael Papajohn in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man film series. His character was left un-named in the first film, credited as "Carjacker", and was revealed in Spider-Man 3.



Carradine is a thieving, robbing, and robbed a fight promoter of his money after Peter Parker being cheated By the manager Peter let's Carradine run off kills Uncle Ben  Peter finds the crowd and two police officers surrounding Ben's wounded body along with Crowded people

After Ben's death, Peter hears of the location and route of the carjacker. Peter chases him to an abandoned warehouse where Peter fights the man, he smashes his face through the glass of the doors, Carradine tries to slash him with a knife but it backfires when the knife gets stuck on the ceiling, Peter takes this as an advantage climbs on the knife and kicks Carradine in the chest making Deniss' beanie fall off his head, Peter realises his mistake and briefly lets down his guard. At this moment, Carradine pulls a gun and tries to shoot Peter, Peter pushes his arms down and drops the gun from his hand Dennis trips and falls through a window to his death.

Spider-Man 2

Two years later, Carradine was mentioned when Aunt May expressed to Peter that she feels responsible for Ben's death, however this prompts Peter to tell her that he let the carjacker escape, ultimately causing Ben's death.

Spider-Man 3

"Get in! What are you doing?"
―Dennis to Flint after Flint gets sad that he killed Ben[src]

May and Peter are told by Captain George Stacy of new information surrounding Ben's murder. He revealed that the carjacker was named Dennis Carradine, but was not responsible for Ben's death as assumed. The true killer was Carradine's partner Flint Marko.

Peter assumed Marko remorselessly shot Ben while Carradine tries to stop him before he ditched him.

Marko confesses to Peter that he accidentally shot Ben when Carradine distracted him trying to get into the car. Carradine (who was shocked at the murder) stole the car and left Marko behind to take the fall. Marko escaped however and so it was Carradine who died for the crime Marko committed for which he feels extreme regret and remorse for. Marko also admits that he needs the money he stole to help his daughter who is dying from a disease. Peter (touched by Marko's noble intentions) forgives Marko and allows him to escape.

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