General Slocum
General Slocum
Real Name:
General Slocum
Aliases: none known
Allignment: Good
Affiliations: Norman Osborn (Business Opponent)
Portrayed by: Stanley Anderson
Appearances: Spider-Man
"Believe me, nothing would give me more pleasure than to put Norman Osborn out of business."
―General Slocum[src]

General Slocum is one of the minor characters featured in 2002's Spider-Man. General Slocum was portrayed by Stanley Anderson. The character was created for the film.



Slocum was seen watching the air glider and he came to visit Oscorp Technologies and to esquire about the formula first hand from Norman Osborn. After Dr. Stromm, Norman's colleague, warned them about the unstable testing, Slocum tells Norman if the performance enhancer had not had successful human trials, he'll pull all of the funding and give it to their competitor Quest Aerospace. While visiting a test at Quest of their cyborg body prototype, Slocum was killed after The Green Goblin attacked the trial run.

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