Goblin Glider is the transportation device used by Green Goblin.



The glider is a military contract developed by Oscorp. After submitting himself to the Goblin Serum, Norman Osborn takes the glider and the goblin suit and uses them as the Green Goblin. The Goblin Glider's weapon array includes machine guns and rockets. At the end of the movie, Norman tries to use the glider to impale and kill Spider-Man, but he uses his spider sense to dodge the attack, and the glider impales and kills Norman.

Spider-Man 3

The New Goblin, Harry Osborn, used a more streamlined version of his father's glider - a snowboard-like flying device referred to in promotional material as the Sky Stick. It has two air rotors that keep it air bourne (controls most vertical movement) and a mini jet like engine that can swivel to propel the Sky Stick in any direction (controls most horizontal movement). Because of this Harry can fly it the "sideways" as he does initially or in a similar manner to an actual snow board as he does later in the movie.

The Sky Stick's weapons include a flamethrower, blades and seeking missiles, and is capable of delivering Pumpkin Bombs to Harry using a method of shooting them into the air at arm's height when a hand reaches at the port. At the end of the film Spider-Man uses one of The Sky Stick's Pumpkin Bombs to destroy the black symbiote that possessed Eddie Brock. Brock attempts to protect the Symbiote by rebonding with it but is killed in the explosion along with the Symbiote that's destroyed.


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