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Green Goblin
Official Green Goblin No Way Home Poster.jpg
Name: Norman Virgil Osborn
Alias(es): Green Goblin
Affiliation: Oscorp Technologies
Rank: Villain
Children: Harry Osborn
Portrayed by: Willem Dafoe
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man: No Way Home
"The one thing they love more than a hero is to see a hero fail, fall, die trying. In spite of everything you've done for them, eventually, they will hate you."
―The Green Goblin[src]

Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) is the main antagonist of Spider-Man and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

He is a rich industrialist and the founder of Oscorp Technologies, while he is the alter ego of Norman Osborn, the founder and CEO of Oscorp and the father of Harry Osborn, who befriended Peter Parker. After being exposed to the Goblin Serum, Norman is driven to insanity, causing his mind to split in two, creating his alternative persona, the Green Goblin. A complete parallel to himself, Green Goblin takes over Norman, driving him to kill and destroy anybody and everything until he becomes obsessed with destroying Spider-Man and everything he cares about, becoming his archenemy and the one foe who keeps haunting him even after death.

Years later, the Green Goblin is accidentally transported to a different universe, where he teams up with other supervillains, from his home universe and from an alternate one, who shared the same fate. Not wanting to go back to a world where he's doomed to die, the Green Goblin decides to target this world's version of Spider-Man and his loved ones, becoming one of that Spider-Man's greatest enemies, after Mysterio. He is cured by the Peter of this universe and sent back to his world to have a second chance.

He was portrayed by Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Early Life

"Your mother was beautiful too, they're all beautiful until they're snarling after your trust fund like a pack of riveting wolves..."
―Norman Osborn to Harry Osborn[src]

Norman Osborn was born in October 11, 1945 in Massachusetts to Ambrose Osborn and an unnamed mother. As a child, Norman did well in school. His teachers noted how his brilliance outshone that of the other kids and he managed to skip a few grades. His personal life, however, was less rewarding. His father, who was a failed businessman and inventor, would regularly abuse his wife and son. This likely caused Norman to further turn his attention to where he was valued: school. As he matured, he eventually attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated in 1963 at the age of 18. He set a new record for MIT as their youngest graduate. Hs academic accomplishments made him think he was destined for greatness, and he set to work founding a firm known as Oscorp Technologies. At first it seemed all was well, and Norman moved to New York City and purchased a palatial residence with his early profits. He also married a woman named Emily.

However, there were signs that Norman was doomed to be the same failure his father was. In 1966, the company suffered a downturn, and Norman had to mortgage his residence and make use of every line of credit he could to keep the company afloat. By the 1970s, the scientists who worked at Oscorp privately questioned Norman's ability to run his own company, and several were concerned their own careers were endangered as the future of the company remained in doubt. In 1983, Norman had spent two entire workdays on the phone trying to dissuade board members from staging a boardroom coup.

In June of 1984, Harry was born but his wife died later on his son was known to flunk every fancy Private School he was sent to until he went to Midtown High School.


Trying The Goblin Serum

DeletedGreenGoblinScene SpiderMan2002.jpg

Norman attempted to recreated a Super Soldier Serum; however, Oscorp began to struggle, with Osborn's promised performance-enhancing serum for a military contract having been hit with setbacks, not the least of which being that rodents that it had been tested on have displayed violence, aggression, and insanity. General Slocum of the United States Army visits Oscorp to see the results of their new super soldier formula. When one of Norman's top scientists, Dr. Stromm warns him the formula is unstable, General Slocum threatens to pull all of the military's funding from Oscorp.

Later that night, Norman exposes himself to the formula as its first human trial, gains superhuman strength and agility but is driven partially insane and kills Stromm then steals two other Oscorp inventions, an exoskeleton suit, and a jet glider. The following morning, Osborn was out unconscious on the floor in his mansion until Harry woke him up. Unfortunately, Osborn doesn't know why he was on the floor and can't seem to remember what happen that night. However, after learning that Stromm is dead, he is shocked. One day, he hears an evil laughter in his house, much to his confusion. Another night, Slocum visits Quest Aerospace, Oscorp's chief competitor, to view their progress towards the contract. While viewing a demonstration of a new battlesuit, a menacing figure wearing the stolen Oscorp exoskeleton and riding the jet glider attacks a weapons test at Quest Aerospace. Their prototype is destroyed and General Slocum is killed.

Norman Osborn Getting Fired

Norman basks in his company's eventual success: Quest has to reorganize after the debacle that killed Slocum, Oscorp has been given more government contracts and the company's stock is soaring. He allows Harry and Peter to be roommates in a loft he got for them. He is crestfallen to learn the board of directors has chosen this moment to accept a buyout offer from Quest and he would lose his job. His insane aggression manifests itself in a split personality: the driven yet confused Norman, and the murderous, scheming villain who will soon become known as "The Green Goblin".

Festival Fight

"Out, Am I?!"
―Norman to the Board Members, before killing them.[src]

As The Green Goblin, he goes to attack Oscorp's annual Unity Day street fair as he throws a pumpkin bomb to explode a hotel, making the balcony fall off. He then throws another pumpkin bomb that kills the Board of Directors to prevent the sell out. Then, Spider-Man fights off The Green Goblin and saves the day.

The Green Goblin attacking the Unity Day Festival.

That next day, Norman discovers the Green Goblin existences as he finds out that he is his alter ego, due to the accident in the laboratory. Also, Norman becomes horrified that he killed Oscorp board members while under the influence of the Goblin. Norman's evil side then manipulates him into believing that he and Spider-Man should work together as partners. He attacks The Daily Bugle offices, threatening J. Jonah Jameson to tell him who took Spider-Man's photos, though Jameson refused to tell him in order to protect Peter.

Spider-Man arrives and The Green Goblin uses gas to render him unconscious, causing the human web-slinger to fall but The Goblin catches him and takes him to a nearby New York building. The Green Goblin offers Spider-Man a chance of partnership then leaves, giving Spider-Man a few days to think over his offer of partnership. He did warn Spider-Man the city will eventually turn against him, and that they should rule it together. Goblin stood corrected as The Daily Bugle did say Spider-Man was a criminal and wanted him arrested.

Finding Out Peter Parker is Spider-Man

A few days later, on Thanksgiving, The Green Goblin stages a fire in an apartment building to get an answer from Spider-Man. Spider-Man refuses to join forces with Goblin, and the two fight. They are evenly matched, although Goblin uses his razor bats and gains a slight advantage. Spider-Man received a bad cut on his arm from one of razor bats.

Green Goblin fighting against Spider-Man.

Despite the injury, Spider-Man gets the upper hand in hand-to-hand combat before escaping, due to Goblin being too strong, leaving Goblin in disappointment from Spider-Man's choice. As Norman and Peter respectively, The Green Goblin and Spider-Man are due at Peter and Harry's loft for Thanksgiving dinner.

They each race back separately. When Peter arrives to dinner with fresh blood from the cut on his sleeve, Norman then realizes that Peter is Spider-Man and hastily leaves. On his way out, he insults Harry's girlfriend Mary Jane and she leaves angrily too, hurt that Harry didn't defend her after what Norman had said. Before his plan to finish Spider-Man, Norman contemplates with Goblin, saying he can't go through with it as he doesn't want to hurt Peter, but the Goblin says that Spider-Man has to be stopped. The Goblin has a plan to attack Spider-Man's loved ones as a way to easily distract him and defeat him.

The Bridge Fight

That night, The Green Goblin attacks Aunt May at her home, sending her to the hospital. After learning from Harry, who broke up with Mary Jane, that Peter loves her more than anything, the Green Goblin then decides to strike at Spider-Man through her. He kidnaps Mary Jane from her home, then sabotages a trolley car along the Roosevelt Bridge. Spider-Man arrives and The Green Goblin gives him the choice of saving either Mary Jane or the trolley car, then drops them both from the bridge. However, Spider-Man manages to save both, with assistance from a passing barge and pedestrians on the bridge who pelt The Green Goblin with debris and delay him from his attempts to kill Spider-Man.

Now furious, Goblin grabs Spider-Man using a cable cord and throws him into an abandoned Smallpox hospital so no one will interfere. After Spider-Man crashes through the building, The Green Goblin throws a pumpkin bomb into the building, severely injuring and weakening him. After hopping off his glider he reels his yellow shades back and looks at his struggling adversary trying to recover with his identity revealed from the ripped mask. The Goblin shows pity on Spider-Man for betraying his proposal; he begins the battle by intercepting Peter's block and punches him in the chest where his spider symbol is. With Spider-Man injured, this gives The Green Goblin a chance to brutally beat Spider-Man, with him utilizing strength and agility he's easily able to fight and not even get so much as a scratch without needing weapons or bombs.

Goblin's trident.

Green Goblin nearly wins when he taunts how he will finish off Mary Jane with a painful and slow death. The Goblin draws a shiny green trident and tries to kill Spider-Man but struggles, but what Goblin said about M.J enraged Spider-Man and regains his strength, stamina, and senses and viciously beats the Green Goblin into submission included by pulling a nearby brick wall above him, but stops after Norman pleads him to stop and takes off his Goblin helmet to reveal himself. Peter is shocked to learn that the evil Green Goblin is Norman.


"Peter... Don't tell Harry."
―Norman's last words.[src]

Norman telling Peter not to hurt him.

Norman reasons with Peter that it was the serum and the evil side of him that made him turn to crime. However, the Green Goblin is controlling his jet glider and attempts to stab Spider-Man with it, but he leaps out of the way, since his spider-senses has been regained, just before it collides with him.

Norman is impaled and killed as a result; before his death he begs Peter not to tell Harry of his misdeeds, while Peter is left depressed due to losing a father figure and Harry's father.

Spider-Man takes Norman's body back to his penthouse apartment. He returns the Goblin gear back to Norman's secret lair. He places his body on a sofa, but Harry sees them and thus blames Spider-Man for Norman's death. At his father's funeral, he vows revenge and thanks Peter for being such a great friend.

Spider-Man 2 / Spider-Man 3


Norman appearing in one of Harry's hallucinations.

Few years after Spider-Man's defeat of Green Goblin, Peter's true identity as Spider-Man is revealed to Harry. Subsequently Norman appears in a hallucination in a mirror to Harry, demanding him to seek vengeance against Peter in a similar fashion to how King Hamlet haunted his son to avenge him in Shakespeare's play. Harry refuses leading to Norman calling him weak. Enraged, Harry broke the mirror, revealing the secret Goblin lair, and therefore his father's true identity.

Months later, Norman's hallucination returns to encourage his son to again destroy Spider-Man. This time Harry acts on his father's words and dons the Oscorp gear and glider as "The New Goblin" and attacks Peter, but is knocked out and suffers from immediate memory loss, forgetting his promise to Norman for revenge.

In time, Harry has flashbacks and remembers Peter's alter-ego. He again sees his father in the mirror, telling him this time to attack Peter's heart. He threatens Mary Jane and blackmails her into breaking up with Peter, then lies that he was the one she dumped him for.

Later, Peter shows up at the penthouse to confront Harry (secretly donning the symbiote version of his Spiderman suit). Peter attacks Harry after be boasts about kissing Mary Jane. Harry finds that he is no match this time for the enhanced Peter and is defeated. While sitting beaten up against the 2 all in his Goblin Lair, he asks if Peter is going to kill him as he did with his father. Peter lements he's done trying to convince Harry of his innocence and boasted of how Norman never truly loved Harry. When he tries to throw a Pumpkin Bomb at Peter as he's walking away but Peter dodges and deflect it back at Harry. The pumpkin bomb goes off against the wall next to Harry's face but doesn't kill him, instead disfiguring half of his face. Later the Oscorp Penthouse butler Bernard tells Harry that Spider-Man was not to blame for his father's death and that the wounds were from his own glider.

He subsequently drops his father's vendetta, then aids Peter against The Sandman and Venom at the cost of his own life. Before he dies, he forgave Peter for Norman's death.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Another Universe

"Coward. We have a new world to conquer. You make me sick."
"Leave me alone. Please."
"Hiding in the shadows. Hiding from who you truly are!"
"You can't escape yourself!
―The Green Goblin taunting Norman Osborn.[src]

In another universe, Doctor Strange tried casting a spell that would make everyone in his universe forget that his Peter Parker was Spider-Man, but his attempt failed when the latter tampered with it. Through the failed spell, Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin were brought back to life and arrived in the MCU. Due to being pulled before his final battle with his Spider-Man, Norman was under the control of the Green Goblin as he attacked MCU Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus before they were teleported away. Later, The Green Goblin flew to a military base outside of New York City where he was witness by a few people. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin lost control of Norman when the latter reclaimed control of his body and mind from him.

However, not recognizing New York City, Norman became frighten and lost of his new surroundings, but the Green Goblin realized that they're in another universe. Realizing that he can cause more chaos in the new universe than he ever could in his, the Green Goblin decided to conquer the MCU universe. However, hearing his alternate identity's intentions and realizing how truly evil he is, Norman decided to turn against the Green Goblin and retreated to an alleyway in order to get rid of his glider so he wouldn't cause further destruction. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin catches on to Norman's intentions as he taunts him and calls him a coward then tells him that they have a new world to conquer. Hearing the Green Goblin's voices, Norman turns to his mask as he tells him that his helplessness was making him sick while he begged his alter ego to leave him alone. Also, the Green Goblin tells Norman that he's hiding from who he truly is and he can't escape himself. Scared and having enough of the Green Goblin, Norman smashed his mask and ran away while his alter ego laughs.

Meeting the MCU Parkers

Shortly after escaping the Green Goblin, Norman finds an of Spider-Man for F.E.A.S.T. as he heads over there to find him and asks him for help, thinking that he was his Peter Parker, as he wondered into the building where he meets MCU May Parker as she gave him some clothes to hide his Green Goblin costume along with some food and coffee. After the MCU Spider-Man arrived, Norman meets that universe Peter Parker as May introduced her nephew to him. Seeing Spider-Man without his mask, Norman looks at May Parker and her nephew in confusion then explained to the young teenager that he came to F.E.A.S.T. looking for his Peter Parker for help.

However, Norman was surprised to see that the teenager wasn't his Peter Parker and that this May Parker is the MCU version of the latter's aunt. Norman tells the Parkers that his other reason that he came to F.E.A.S.T. was because he had nowhere else to go, due to someone else living at his house, Oscorp doesn't exist and Harry Osborn. Also, Norman tells the Parkers that sometimes he isn't himself and he would be someone else, the Green Goblin. In addition, Norman tells the Parkers that every time the Green Goblin was in control of him, he can't remember his actions, then tells them that he's now here at this place and in this city. When May asked him who was in control of him, Norman, in a panic, told her that he doesn't know what's going with him, but calmed down.

Learning of his fate

After being explained that he's in another universe and feeling he can trust this one version of Peter Parker, Norman realized that the multiverse exists and goes with the young teenager to the New York Sanctum as May drops them off. Norman was introduced to Peter's friends Ned and MJ. Recognizing the initials, Norman asked MJ if her name was short for Mary Jane but she corrects him that her name was short for Michelle Jones. Amazed by the new universe, Norman goes to where the other misplaced villains were being held prisoners. Seeing one with mechanical tentacles and notching that he looked familiar to him, Norman approached his cells where he immediately recognized him as his friend and fellow scientists Otto Octavius, who was stunned to see him. Norman was shocked to see the tentacles on Otto's back as he asked him what happened to him while he tells him that he's the walking corpse. Confused, Norman asked Otto what he was talking about as he tells him that he died many years prior. Realizing that he wasn't Otto Octavius, Norman tells Doctor Octopus that he's insane and the MCU Peter Parker, who overhear their conversation, defended him, but Sandman confirms to the two that what Doctor Octopus was saying was true. Also, Norman and the MCU Peter Parker were surprised to hear that Doctor Octopus also died.

Hearing this, Norman looks at the MCU Peter Parker to see if it was true but he was just as shock as he was. Norman then listened to Sandman tell him how he died in their universe, which shocked him. However, before he could process this information, Norman witness Doctor Strange appear as he puts him in one of the prisons then finds out his intentions to return him and the rest of the villains back to their universes. Not wanting to die and worried about the impact it would have on Harry, Norman called out to the MCU Peter Parker for help, which he hears and stops Strange from sending them back. After Spider-Man imprisoned Doctor Strange in the mirror dimension, Norman listened to his intentions to help him and the rest of the villains be cure of their issues. Hearing this, Norman offered his help to the MCU Peter Parker in curing himself and the other villains, especially his friend Otto Octavius, before going back to their universe's. After Peter's friends have left, Norman and the rest of the villains were set free from their prisons by Spider-Man and was picked up by his aunt May.

Helping MCU Peter Parker

Once arriving at a friend of the Parker's apartment, Norman was amazed by the current technology in the MCU as he checked out a robot hand. Norman then heard Doctor Octopus' tell the MCU Peter Parker of his doubts in his plan and was stunned to hear him say that he was gonna kill them all. Having enough of Doctor Octopus' doubtful attitude, Norman was happy to hear that MCU Peter Parker was gonna work on curing the mad scientist first in an attempt to get Otto Octavius back. Norman follows the MCU Peter Parker to the back as he shows him a fabricator and was explained how it works. While helping Peter with Otto, Norman discovered that his friend made a chip that was design to protect his higher brain function and prevented the tentacles from controlling him. Also, Norman was explained by Peter that Otto's current chip was fried and the tentacles were controlling his friend. Hearing this, Norman realized as to why Otto Octavius isn't the friend he knows.

Seeing the MCU Peter Parker characteristics, intelligence, and skills, Norman was impressed by him and sees his counterpart from his universe in the young teenager. Also, Norman comments the technology and Peter's intelligence, even offering the latter a job in Oscorp if he was willing to commute to another universe, as he watches him make the new chip for Otto. After making a new chip for Otto, Norman goes to watch Peter put it on the back of his friends neck and tells him that the latter's plan will work and have faith. However, Norman was taken aback when Doctor Octopus reminded him of his actions that turned himself into a monster, Green Goblin.

After Peter install the new chip onto Otto's neck, Norman became worried when his friend lost consciousness, but was relief when he woke up. Norman called out too Otto in order to be sure if it was truly him and not Doctor Octopus. Hearing Otto's assurances that he's truly back to his old self again, Norman was relived to have his friend back and excited that he decided to help him alongside their new friend. Later, Norman was writing up ideas in making cures for himself and the other villains until Otto came to ask him by on how it would feel to be whole again as he tells him that it was gonna be great.

Green Goblin returns

While working on the cures, Norman and Otto see the MCU Peter Parker get up because of his spider sense being set off, as they became worried and followed him to the living room. However, little did the group know, Norman was being taken over by the Green Goblin again. Norman goes to another location in the living room while the Green Goblin tried to remain undetected. Unfortunately, the Green Goblin could't as the MCU Peter Parker sensed his presence through his spider sense. Seeing that he had been caught, the Green Goblin came out as he commented to the MCU Peter Parker that his Spider-Sense was unique.

The Green Goblin then taunts the Parkers and Octavius for thinking that he let them remove him from Norman and his powers. When Spider-Man commented that he doesn't know him, the Green Goblin countered his statement as he figured him out, due to knowing his own from his Peter Parker from his universe. The Green Goblin then convinced the rest of the uncured the villains to turn on the MCU Peter Parker. Then, the Green Goblin fights Spider-Man as their fight caused the building to collapse and ended up killing the MCU Peter Parker's Aunt May, who tried to cure him and save his nephew's life, as he left the scene through his Glider.

Getting Cured

Later, the Green Goblin tried to take the box that was containing the spell but was stopped by Otto and Doctor Strange. However, the Green Goblin put one of his pumpkin bombs inside the box and exploded then battles the MCU Spider-Man again. The Green Goblin was pleased that Spider-Man was willing to kill him and they fight until he was on the verge to be impale by his own glider, just like how he died the first time in his universe. However, the Green Goblin/Norman were saved when his universe Spider-Man, who knows that Osborn's actions weren't his doing but his alter ego's, stopped him from killing him but was non-fatally stabbed in the back by him.

After the MCU Spider-Man and another version of him cured him using an antiserum created by the Goblin's own Spider-Man, Norman was finally freed from his alter ego for good. Seeing the MCU Peter Parker and his own on the ground, Norman was horrified of what he has done. When Doctor Strange was working on casting a new spell that will make everyone in the MCU forget there Peter Parker, Norman, Otto, Flint and their Peter Parker were sent home just before the spell was completed, with his fate changed.


Norman Osborn's Personality

Norman Osborn is a confident, appealing, and full of integrity. While a caring dad to Harry, somehow, he completely ignores him at times and is incredibly always devoted to Oscorp. However, Norman does show a greed and misguided side to his personality as he'll stop at nothing to keep Oscorp from going out of business, which led him to develop a second personality. Although, Norman's greed and misguided could be from his own board of directors, especially when they decided to buy out Oscorp without telling him in order to make more money. Also, Norman can sometimes be pushed around by his own board members and the military, as they put a lot of pressure on him, which could led to desperation to finish his work up as quickly as possible. However, despite his flaws, Norman deep down truly has a good heart as some of his intentions to those around him were well meaning.

Even though Harry apathetically thinks that his father only does everything for himself, Norman shows that despite him being shallow at times and even a bit heartless, he really does love his son. He only wishes for him to walk in his footsteps, which he does later on. Norman does support Harry as he came to his high school graduation and did show how proud he was of him. After his son tells his father about MJ and Peter's intimacy, Norman apologizes for not always being there for Harry, promising to be better, and the two share a meaningful hug. Norman also cares about those who are closest to him as he was shocked that his colleague and fellow scientist, Dr. Stromm, was killed, even though he caused his death while under the Green Goblin's control.

Norman took a quick liking to Peter Parker because of his intelligence and even offers some support for him, after his Uncle Ben was killed. Also, Norman was extremely grateful to Peter for treating Harry like family and for helping him get through high school. Norman even offered Peter a job at Oscorp, after he got fired from a different one, due to his double life as Spider-Man, and respect his decision when he declined his offer. In addition, Norman was reluctant to hurt Peter when he finds out that he's Spider-Man, which shows that he has come to see him as family just like his son does. After revealing himself as the Green Goblin and before dying, Norman with complete trust in Peter had him promises not to tell Harry of his alter ego and the trouble he caused.

At first, Norman was unaware of the Green Goblin existences as he had no memory of his accident and actions while under his control. However, after the Oscorp unity day festival, Norman meets the Green Goblin as he was in shock of what he has done while under his influences and remembers how he came to be, which led him to feel guilty for turning himself into a monster. Despite being horrified of what he has done as the Green Goblin, Norman is unable to stop him, due to the latter's strong control over his mind and actions. However, Norman ends up scumming to the Green Goblin's will and the more he did the more he lost himself.

In No Way Home, Norman was terrified of the Green Goblin and discovered that he wanted to cause as much chaos he wanted. After realizing the truth and not wanting to cause further harm while under his control, Norman attempted to get away from the Green Goblin by abandoning his glider and smashed his mask into pieces. Also, Norman wants to be normal again in order to get rid of the Green Goblin once and for all as he quickly goes looking for his Spider-Man for help. In addition, after finding out that what he had was lost to him, Norman became broken, confused and frightened.

However, while being taken care of by the MCU May Parker, Norman not only cheered up but was also shown kindness for the first time in a long time and was given a chance to see life in an entirely different perspective. Through the MCU May Parker's influences, Norman rediscovered himself again as he showed a selfless side in his character, as he offered his help to the MCU Peter Parker in curing a group of villains, especially his friend and fellow scientist Otto Octavius, of their own issues. Also, Norman was fascinated to find out that the Multiverse was real and amazed by the technology in MCU. Similar to his relationship with his Peter, Norman took an instant liking to the MCU Peter Parker for his intelligence and kindness.

The Green Goblin's Personality

The Green Goblin is unlike Norman's persona, instead, it has a mind and will of its own. The origin points to the chemical drug that Norman took, which unknowingly sprung up the malicious, delusional side of him. Signs of Goblin controlling Norman while in public; such as insulting Aunt May, bashing Mary Jane, and even causing terror to his enemies or New York's lowly bystanders. In private, Norman was brainwashed by the Green Goblin in order to cause harm and destruction to those he think deserve it, creating danger for New York.

However, the Green Goblin believed that he was helping Norman get power and remove anyone that stood in his way. Also, the Green Goblin despises Spider-Man as he sees him a threat and attempted to cause harm to him through those who are closest to him. Despite this, the Green Goblin did at first try to offer a partnership because he noticed that they weren't so different but his hatred for him got worse when he refused.

In No Way Home, the Green Goblin sees the MCU a new world that needs conquering and wants to cause destruction in any possible way. Also, the Green Goblin can't stand Norman as he sees him a weak coward that's hiding from who he truly is and a puppet for his own needs. However, the Green Goblin tried to get Norman to cooperate with him but he refused, which led him to go into hiding. While laying low and watching through Norman's eyes, the Green Goblin developed a strong dislike for the MCU Spider-Man because of the same characteristics he shares with his own.

Also, after seeing the MCU Spider-Man, Norman and Otto were closes to removing him from the scientists mind for good, the Green Goblin comes out of hiding to stop them from succeeding. Also, similar to what he did to his Spider-Man, the Green Goblin decided to target the MCU Peter Parker through those who are closest to him by killing his Aunt May in order to turn him into a killer just like him, which he almost succeeded if not for his Spider-Man.

Abilities and Equipment

The Green Goblin pilots a high-tech jet glider, armed with seeking missiles and machine guns. His suit consists of green armor that cybernetic-ally connects him to his glider and weapons. He is seen using three varieties of his signature "Pumpkin Bombs": one which is a simple explosive; one that releases a bright, radioactive flash which reduces people to skeletons; and one that splits into flying, razor-bat blades.

Rather than carrying a shoulder "bag of tricks", the weapons are contained in the glider and are ejected individually out of their storage compartment when desired. His suit is armed with knockout gas that is released from the wrists.

His suit is also linked to the Goblin Glider, allowing him to control it remotely. Green goblin has superhuman strength capable of beating Spider-Man in battle using his hand to hand combat (though Spider-Man was hurt) he can also break Spider-Mans web which is like metal really easily.

He even shows strength when he punches a wall when Spider-Man ducks in the final battle and he busted the wall completely showing his strength of his blows. He has a shiny trident specifically to kill Spider-Man. His armor protects him from majority of injuries so he 's barely being hurt or damaged from fighting unlike Spider-Man. It's only damaged when Spider-Man brings down a brick wall which made his suit finally experience dents and scratches.

In the Spider-Man movie game, Green Goblin is able to run really fast using superspeed if the player plays as him. It is unknown if he could be able to use this ability since it is exclusive in the game.

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  • The Green Goblin appeared in all three films in the trilogy, usually by the form of an illusion in the second and third film.
  • Green Goblin is one of the very few characters to be portrayed by the same actor in a different franchise. Willem Dafoe reprises the role of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • Nicholas Cage, John Travolta, John Malkovich, Jim Carrey, Jason Issacs and Robert De Niro were considered for the role of Norman Osborn/Green Goblin before Dafoe was cast.
  • In the Spider-Man movie game, the Green Goblin's death is less gruesome than in the movie. He is stabbed by his flying glider in the stomach but falls on the ground with no injuries on himself. (Possibly due to Game graphics at the time)
    • Norman does say one more line before dying unlike in the movie, he tells Spider-Man to tell Harry that he's sorry.
    • He was the youngest graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He graduated when he was 18 years old.

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