"Now that Spider-Man is gone, the city will never be the same"
―Mr. Fiers at Ravencroft[src]
Gustav Fiers
Name: Gustav Fiers
Alias(es): "Man in the Shadows"
"The Gentleman"
Affiliation: Oscorp Industries
Portrayed by: Michael Massee
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man
Last appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Appears in: 2 Film

Gustav Fiers is an associate of Harry Osborn and Oscorp Industries. He currently works for him.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Gustav Fiers is a mysterious man with ties to Oscorp.

Fiers visited Curt Connors after he was incarcerated in Beloit Psychiatric Asylum, following his bio-attack over New York City as the Lizard. He questioned Connors as to whether he'd told Peter Parker the truth about his father. Connors told him to leave Peter alone, causing Fiers to simply disappear.

The Amazing Spide Man 2

Mr. Fiers visited  Harry Osborn in his cell at Ravencroft Institute. They began to talk about building a team, and Harry requested it be a small one. He suggested that they begin with Aleksei Sytsevich. Fiers later walked in to a level in Oscorp Tower, being greeted by the computer, and walked past the Doctor Octopus, Vulture, and Rhino suits.


  • At the time of the release of The Amazing Spider-Man, the man's identity was a secret, so he was simply credited as "Man in the shadows". His identity was later revealed in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, where he was also credited as "Gustav Fiers (The Gentleman)".
  • In the novel Spider-Man: Gathering of the Sinister Six, Gustav Fiers was a businessman who gathered the Sinister Six in order to have revenge on Spider-Man, as his parents Richard and Mary Parker had thwarted one of his plans years back.
  • Marc Webb has stated that the character who would become Gustav Fiers was originally conceived as Electro.[1]


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