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Henry Balkan
Henry Balkan.png
Name: Henry Balkan
Affiliation: Oscorp Technologies
Rank: Executive
Portrayed by: Jack Betts
Only Appearance: Spider-Man
Appears in: 1 Film
"You're out, Norman."
―Henry Balkan[src]

Henry Balkan is a fictional supporting character, who appeared in the 2002 film Spider-Man portrayed by Jack Betts. His character was created for the film.


Early Life 

Henry Balkan was born in 1943 and Worked with   Norman Osborn since the Founding of Oscorp in 1966.

Henry Balkan was a 70s executive who sat on the board of Oscorp Technologies, an industrial firm, alongside Maximillian Fargas and wealthy company founder Norman Osborn. Oscorp was working towards an arms supply contract with the United States Millitary. 


After contract competitor Quest Aerospace was attacked and sabotaged by Norman after he ingested the super soldier serum, Oscorp had been given the contract with government and the company's stock skyrocketed.

Balkan led the way for the rest of the Board of Directors chose to accept a buyout offer from Quest. He announced this at a board meeting enraging Norman who was told his resignation was expected. The decision lead to Norman scheming away to become the villain who will soon become known as "The Green Goblin". As The Green Goblin, he attacked Oscorp's annual Unity Day street fair and killed Balkan and the rest of the Board of Directors before the sale was announced publicy, in order for him to keep control of his company.

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