Name: Hoffman
Affiliation: The Daily Bugle
Portrayed by: Ted Raimi
First appeared: Spider-Man
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 3 Films

Hoffman works for J. Jonah Jameson.



He didn't appear after they heard that they got a new superhero in New York City: Spider-Man! Even though his boss Mr. Jameson don't trust Spider-Man as their new hero, Hoffman ask him that they got a page problem because they sold out every copy and they got no picture of Spider-Man.

So Jameson decide to hire someone who will take a picture of Spider-Man and took Hoffman to make 5% by moving page 8 which Hoffman left.

He was later seen after the battle of Spider-Man and The Green Goblin at the festival and Jameson call him by telling to put The Green Goblin in the newspaper which Hoffman make a funny joke by calling The Green Goblin (Green Meanie).

After Jameson's office was attacked by The Green Goblin, Hoffman drop his files and ran for cover. He wasn't seen again after that.

Spider-Man 2


He wasn't seen after Jameson was about to fired Peter for bring him some boring picture instead of Spider-Man like he did 2 years ago after Peter told him that he can't do that anymore since he was the one who told the city that he's a menace in the first place.

After Jameson find a headline by saying Food Poison sweeping City, Hoffman was confused and said "Food got Poison?" which Jameson say Yeah.

He was later seen after Jameson found that they got a scientist who turn evil and his boss ask him what they should name the villain which he say Doctor Octopus (his boss hate it until the end), Science Squid (his boss hate it) and Dr. Strange (his boss like it, but it's taken).

Then, his boss decide to name the villain: Doctor Octopus aka Doc Ock which Hoffman say that he like that name and think it's genius.

He later seen after Peter give up for being Spider-Man which Hoffman saw that his boss was dressing up as Spider-Man and after Peter got his power back, Hoffman told his boss that they need Spider-Man than ever since he's the only one who can beat Doc Ock.

Then, Peter somehow got his costume back and they were surprised that he was coming back. He was last seen when he was with his boss and his boss' son to find John's fiancée Mary Jane Watson after the final battle of Spider-Man and Doc Ock.

Spider-Man 3

He was seen that he have a meeting with his boss about new change for the daily bugle which his boss later rejected his plans and he came back once more after his boss say that do anybody know what I want by saying I do.


  • On multiple occasions Jameson has called Hoffman without knowing he's actually in the room.
  • Hoffman was played by Ted Raimi who was Sam Raimi's real life brother.

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