Judy Tyler
Name: Judy Tyler
Affiliation: The Daily Bugle
Father: Noah Tyler
Portrayed by: Lisa Eilbacher
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man
Appears in: 1 Films

Judy Tyler is a fictional character in CBS's Spider-Man series based on Marvel Comics. She was portrayed by Lisa Eilbacher in the The Amazing Spider-Man, Spider-Man Strikes Back and several episodes of the television series that followed. Her character was invented for the series and has never featured in the comics or any other media before, nor since.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Judy Tyler was a fellow reporter at The Daily Bugle with Peter Parker, as well as serving as a romantic interest for him. She is first seen when her father was found at the wheel of a car escaping from a crime scene. He had been brainwashed into a robbery and forced to drive his car into a brick wall.

She later tells Peter that he had been attending the mental healing sessions of a certain Edward Byron. The pair meet with him and observe one of his sessions where Peter begins to think he may have had something to do with Judy's fathers "accident".