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Mr. Ditkovich
Mr. Ditkovich.jpg
Name: Sergei Ditkovich
Children: Ursula Ditkovich
Portrayed by: Elya Baskin
First appeared: Spider-Man 2
Last appeared: Spider-Man 3
Appears in: 2 Films
"Give me rent!"
―Mr. Ditkovich[src]

Mr. Ditkovich is Peter Parker's landlord and the father of Ursula Ditkovich. His character was created for the films and has not appeared in any Marvel Comic before or since.


Early Life

In his 50s, Dikovitch is a man of Eastern European descent who owns a shabby apartment block in New York City.

Spider-Man 2

He is first seen when he called Peter Parker about the money to pay the rent immediately after Peter lost his job at Joe's Pizza on Peter's birthday. He was seen again when Peter was about to use the restroom until he walked inside in front of Peter. He then opened the door and asked Peter for rent and Peter shut it in his face. He was last seen when he charged out of the bathroom in his underwear and called for rent again, when Peter was leaving to see Mary Jane Watson's play.

Spider-Man 3

He is seen when he demands Peter for the room rent and is taken aback when Peter, wearing his symbiote suit underneath, yells at him that "he would get his rent when he fixes this damn door." When Peter calms down and realizes the pitfall of the symbiote suit, he apologizes to Mr. Ditkovich later when he tries to use the phone to contact Mary Jane. Mr. Ditkovich gives Peter some friendly advice about women and forgives him for his actions earlier, even offering him an orange. Mr. Ditkovich also asserts that Peter can buy him a pizza “sometime” as recompense, if he felt bad about it.


  • Mr. Ditkovich's name is a reference of Marvel Comics artist Steve Ditko, the co-creator of Spider-Man.
  • Mr Ditkovich's line "If promises were crackers, my daughter would be fat" was originally "If promises were crackers, I'd be fat."[1]
  • In the unmade sequel Spider-Man 4, Peter was to be evicted from his apartment by a regretful Mr. Ditkovich.


give me rent you get your rent when you fix this damn door

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