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Mr. White
Mr. White.png
Name: Mr. White
Affiliation: White Munitions Supply
Portrayed by: Robert Alda
First appeared: Spider-Man Strikes Back
Appears in: 1 Film

Mr. White is a fictional character portrayed by Robert Alda in the 1978 film Spider-Man Strikes Back. The character was created for the film and has never before, nor since been featured or mention in any other Marvel Comics media. Though a character with a similar name and appearance did appear in All-Winners Comics #15 as an enemy of Namor.


Spider-Man Strikes Back

White is a millionaire arms dealer who has a history of black marketeering and extortion. After reading a newspaper report of the theft of the components required to make an atomic bomb plots to steal them himself and make a ransom demand. He promptly sends his henchman, Angel to New York to acquire them.

Angel steals the plutonium, but Spider-Man stops him. White travels to New York himself and attempted to kidnap Peter and Gale Hoffman, posing as a TV news anchor, in an effort to locate the plutonium. After one of the students involved in the theft is hospitalised with radiation poisoning, Spider-Man tracks down the plutonium. However, White and Angel get there first. In an ensuing struggle, Spider-Man was hurled out of the building, seemingly to his death, allowing White and Angel escape with the plutonium.

White flees to his retreat in Los Angeles, but J. Jonah Jameson, that White is in Los Angeles and arranges for himself, Peter and Gale to fly there in search of White. Mr. White demands $1,000,000,000 in return for not setting off the plutonium bomb in a heavily populated area. The authorities assume, wrongly, that he means New York. In fact, White plans to set off the bomb in Los Angeles at the time the President is giving a speech there.

Spider-Man finally tracks White to his lair and learns of White's plans. He locates the bomb and defuses it at the last second. But White escaped via helicopter, and vowed that he and Spider-Man will meet again.