Spider-Man Films Wiki
Name: Quentin Beck
Alias(es): Mysterio
Affiliation: Bad
Rank: Supervillain
First appeared: Spider-Man 4
Only Appearance: Spider-Man 4
Appears in: 1 Film

Mysterio (real name Quentin Beck) is a supervillain and a minor antagonist that was to appear in the cancelled film Spider-Man 4.


It was rumored that Bruce Campbell would portray Mysterio. Campbell confirmed in SDCC 2019 Comic Con that he was never called by Sam Raimi to play Quentin Beck in the cancelled Spider-Man 4 picture.


Concept art was also created for Mysterio. It showed Quentin Beck attempting to rob a bank until he was stopped by Spider-Man.


Images on the right are concept art of Spider-Man stopping Quentin Beck/Mysterio from robbing a bank.