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The Osborn Penthouse is the home of the wealthy Osborn family.


Located in New York City, the penthouse resembled an English manor. Years ago, it had been owned and occupied by Emily and Norman Osborn. However, Emily had suffered fatal complications during her pregnancy with her only child, who was born posthumously. A widowered Norman raised his son in the penthouse with help from his butler. After Norman was exposed to the Goblin Serum, he became periodically insane and built the Goblin Lair behind a mirror in the main sitting room. After Norman impaled himself his body was brought back to the house by Spider-Man.

Harry inherited the penthouse, where he continued living there and became obsessed with revenge against on Spider-Man, whom he blamed for his father's death. One day Doctor Octopus staged an attack on the penthouse, however seeing as it was the Green Goblin's he ceased his attack and then struck an alliance with the Green Goblin II. Doctor Octopus was to capture but not kill Spider-Man and bring him to the penthouse. In exchange, Harry would supply Doc Ock with tritium. Doctor Octopus captured Spider-Man and Harry took off his mask only to find out it was Peter. Later, a vision of Norman appeared in the sitting room mirror demanding Harry to avenge his death. Harry refuses and throws a knife at the mirror, shattering it and revealing to him the goblin lair.

Harry eventually used the goblin serum on himself and used some gear of his father's to try and kill Spider-Man. In the fight, Harry was knocked out and suffered from temporary amnesia. While feeling lonely, Mary Jane Watson, rang Harry to see if she could come and visit. While there, the two shared a kiss on an impulse, resulting in Mary Jane leaving and awakening Harry's memories of Peter as Spider-Man.

While under the influence of the symbiote, Spider-Man arrived at Harry's home and attacked him. The fight spilled over into the goblin lair where Harry was caught in the blast of a Pumpkin Bomb leaving him with facial burns. Eventually, Harry's butler, Bernard Houseman, told Harry that Norman died of his own hand and Spider-Man did not kill him resulting in Harry to answer Peter's pleas to help him rescue Mary Jane from Venom and The Sandman.