Oscorp's testing and manufacturing facilities.

Oscorp Technologies is a major research and manufacturing firm founded by Norman Osborn with its headquarters in New York City.


Early History

ASM Oscorp
Osborn Graduated Columbia University in June, 1965 when he was 14 years old  and in September, 1966 he founded Oscorp Technologies and become Oscorp's leading scientist specializing in cybernetics engineering, and had successfully created the advanced flight suit and jet-propelled, heavily-armed glider (which he later used to wreak havoc as The Green Goblin) on the path towards winning a contract to supply weapons to the United States Army. Oscorp's failure, however, in creating an effective "super-soldier" serum for the US Military prompts them to tell the firm with the loss of their funding.

General Slocum of the US Army openly dislikes Norman and would like to put him out of business


He uses Dr. Stromm's news of side affects to the formula as an excuse to try and give contracting to Quest Aerospace, Oscorp's main competition. After Norman tested the serum on himself he killed Stromm and stole the exoskeleton suit and jet glider and flew to Quests trials. He destroyed their prototype suit, also killing both Slocum and the researchers.

Oscorp was given the government contracts and the company's stocks skyrocketed. At this time the company's Board of Directors chose accept a buyout offer from Quest. As a result Norman (as his Green Goblin personae) killed the directors before the decision was announced publicly.

Spider-Man 2

After his father's death Harry Osborn became head of Oscorp's research projects. He invested large amounts of money towards research into fusion based power generation. Head of this project was the famed Dr. Otto Octavius who had researched the field for years and turned to Oscorp as a source of funding. Otto stages a public showing of his work, but the experiment started to overload and becomes unstable, causing several fatalities and tremendous damage. Octavius' failed experiment left Oscorp near bankruptcy causing Harry much anger.

Spider-Man 3

Oscorp doesn't appear in the film. It wasn't revealed what became of the company, especially following Harry's death.

Known Employees

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