Richard Parker
Richard Parker
Name: Richard Laurence Parker
Affiliation: Oscorp Industries
Sibling(s): Ben Parker
Spouse(s): Mary Parker
Children: Peter Parker
Portrayed by: Campbell Scott
First appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man
Last appeared: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Appears in: 2 Films

Richard Parker is a fictional supporting character from the Marvel Comics' Spider-Man series. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Larry Lieber in 1968. He was portrayed by Campbell Scott in the 2012 film The Amazing Spider-Man.


The Amazing Spider-Man

A very secretive and intelligent man, Richard Parker studied extensively in his youth. One day he bought a leather briefcase to keep his notes in, unusual for someone as young as he was at the time. The woman he purchased it from was Mary Fitzpatrick, his future wife. Together they raised their only son Peter in New York City.

Parker was a brilliant scientist who, along with his colleague Curt Connors, pushed the theory of cross species genetics to advance modern medicine. The pair made a breakthrough and were hailed as outstanding visionaries, in stark contrast to being mocked for their ideas beforehand. The two set to try and find a cure for a rare fatal disease that their employer Norman Osborn had. Parker found the missing link in the formula to finalize the treatment but hid it, fearing the implications if the treatment fell into the wrong hands.

Parker's home was broken into and fearing for their 4-year-old son, safety, he and Mary leave him at his brother Ben and his wife May. When Peter asked why they were leaving, Richard answers that it was something they had to do. The pair died shortly afterwards in a plane crash.

After a teenage Peter gave Connors the completed formula he became the terrible villain The Lizard. After his capture by the police he was incarcerated at Beloit Psychiatric Hospital. While there, a shadowy man approached an imprisoned Connors to ask him if he told Peter the truth about his father. Connors replies that he didn't, but demands the man to leave Peter alone.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Richard Parker is first seen recording a video admitting to his mistakes. Peter call's him and as is forced to leave him with Uncle Ben and Aunt May as they leave. On the plane, they discover the plane was hijacked and the hijacker kills Mary Parker. Richard manages to shoot the plane's engine and finish his upload as the plane crashes.


  • In the alternate ending, Richard is seen greeting Peter while he was visiting Gwen's grave, revealing he had survived and went into hiding to protect Peter.

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