Rosalie Octavius
Rosie Octavius.png
Name: Rosie Octavius
Alias(es): Rosie
Spouse(s): Otto Octavius
Portrayed by: Donna Murphy
First appeared: Spider-Man 2
Appears in: 1 Film

Rosalie Octavius was the deceased wife and scientific assistant of Otto Octavius.

Her character was created specifically for the 2004 film Spider-Man 2 and she was portrayed by American stage actress Donna Murphy.


Early Life

Rosie, was born in 1961 , she studied English Literature in her youth and researched the subject at College. In September, 1978 She would meet her future husband Otto who was studying Physics at the same time along with his friend Curt Connors.

Rosie would support Otto during his research to construct a sustainable fusion power reactor. 

Spider-Man 2

Otto finishes building his prototype and he holds a demonstration to show his device to his funder Harry Osborn, the press and his scientific colleagues. 

Though the experiment overloads and becomes unstable, Otto refuses to stop it arguing it would stabilize. However, this proved to be another miscalculation and the reactor pulled metallic objects inside its core. They traveled straight in the path of Rosie and she was killed as a result.

Otto survived, and upon recovering, the knowledge of Rosie's death would only further his fall from grace to become the villainous "Doctor Octopus".


Rosie Octavius is a very rare, elegant person. With a passionate but loving streak, her devotion to her husband, Dr. Otto Octavius, and her attachment to poetry.

Even though her and Otto don't always see eye-to-eye, but respect of their own opinions , it's evident that they couldn't have done anything without one another.

Her number one recipe, according to her and Otto, is poetry; when Peter told them about his being single, they believe poetry works.

On the day of their experiment, which went awry not too long, everything was hectic. Their apartment was eventually demolished, the violence scared away the spectators and other scientists.

Harry Osborn, who helped with the funding, lost all of the money. Rosie herself died via cut by many shards of glass-straight at the neck and her eyes, and Otto's aiding mechanical arms got fused to his body after the AI chip got permanently fried, due to the electric source from the solar experiment.

If not for Spider-Man, more than enough chaos would've been created. Even when he died too and realized his mistake, Rosie's death would possibly scar him forever.


  • Rosalie Octavius was the first woman for Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2, to be married.
  • In the original script, Rosie was killed by an arc of energy from the ball Octavius created.[1]
  • In the Spider-man 2 game, Rosie's death is less gruesome than in the original movie, she dies after the electrical source hits the control console she was in front of, shocking her straight in the face (Possibly also shocking her brain which could be the reason she died).



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