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The Shocker
SMH Shocker Unmasked.png
Name: Herman Shultz
Alias(es): Shocker
Affiliation: Toomes Salvage Company
Rank: Villain
Portrayed by: Bokeem Woodbine
First appeared: Spider-Man: Homecoming
"He gave you a choice. You chose wrong."
―Herman Schultz to Spider-Man[src]

Herman Schultz AKA Shocker is a supporting antagonist in Spider-Man: Homecoming and is portrayed by Bokeem Woodbine.


Spider-Man: Homecoming

Schultz worked for the Toomes Salvage Company where he was employed by Adrian Toomes. During his career, Schultz helped clean up after the Battle of New York, during which he attempted to take apart a crashed Chitauri Chariots only for Toomes to recommend he instead use a Chitauri Staff to cut through it. During all their work however, Damage Control arrived and Anne Marie Hoag informed Toomes that they had lost their contract to clean up the city.

As Damage Control had taken over the clean-up contracts under the orders of Tony Stark, Schultz and the other members of Toomes' crew discussed how the Avengers were profiting on their own chaos while they lost work. Schultz turned to a life of crime alongside his co-workers. Herman Schultz and Jackson Brice met Aaron Davis in the outskirts of Queens where Brice enthusiastically demonstrated the Ultron Blaster Gun, straight out of Sokovia. Davis was wary of the weapon, telling them that he wanted a small device so he could simply mug people not "vaporize them". Brice put the weapon away and offered several other devices, including Black Hole Grenades, Taser Rods and an Anti-Gravity Climber.

When the trio heard a ringtone, Schultz and Brice immediately assumed that Davis had set them up. As they pulled their guns on him, Spider-Man appeared, telling the arms dealers to shoot him instead. As Davis made a retreat, Schultz opened fire on the young vigilante and Brice put on Shocker's Gauntlet. As Brice dealt with Spider-Man, Schultz started the van and drove away with Brice.

As Spider-Man swung after the two, Brice activated several weapons, shooting at the web-slinger and causing damage to the getaway van. Brice accidentally drops one of the weapons when Spider-Man snags the van doors, causing Brice to suggest calling Vulture, which Schultz instantly does. Toomes, who was mad at Brice for his attitude, picked up a gun and shot Brice instantly killing him and leaving Schultz staring at his friend's ashes. Confused and shocked about his actions, he asked the Tinkerer if he had picked up a Anti-Gravity Gun, only to have picked up a Chitauri Gun instead. Toomes walked over to Brice's ashes and picked up the Shocker's Gauntlet and passed it to Schultz, sarcastically telling him that he was the 'Shocker' now. Several days later, the crew received a tip that a truck full of confiscated technology was heading to the Damage Control Headquarters by the way of Maryland.

The next day, Herman Schultz and Toomes made their way on the Staten Island Ferry. Schultz left Toomes dealt with their new buyer Mac Gargan. Meeting him at the front of the boat, Schultz told him that the technology was being stored in a white van. Spider-Man suddenly showed up, quickly dispatching Gargan and his associates. Schultz radioed Toomes to inform him that Spider-Man had interrupted the deal while he put on the Shocker Gauntlet, charging Spider-Man while swinging the weapon, only for the web-slinger to dodge at the last minute, causing his gauntlet to be embedded in the boat's railing. Spider-Man quickly webbed Schultz to the railing to prevent his escape. The FBI, who had set up a sting operation, showed up to arrest Gargan and Schultz, only to be attacked by Toomes, who had donned his Suit and grabbed a blaster gun. Freeing Schultz from his webbing restraints, Toomes told him to get off the ferry as they were retreating. Schultz raced to the top of the ferry, as the blaster was violently malfunctioning, causing it to fire several lasers that cut the ferry in half.

Schultz packed his things, becoming concerned that he will be arrested soon, as the FBI would have got him at the ferry if not for Spider-Man's interference, who himself was getting closer to the Vulture's operation. Toomes convinced him to stay though, promising him a large cut from their next heist. Shocker was called by Adrian Toomes, who had figured out the Spider-Man's secret identity. Shocker was told to head to the Midtown School of Science and Technology and wait to see if Spider-Man would appear to chase after Toomes. As Spider-Man appeared, Shocker attacked, striking Spider-Man and knocking him back Spider-Man questioned why the Shocker had been sent after him, but Shocker simply said he would never learn the reason. As Shocker prepared to deliver the final blow against Spider-Man, a web fired by Ned Leeds just managed to snag onto Shocker's Gauntlet, distracting Shocker long enough for Spider-Man to escape his grip, grab the web-shooter from Ned and web him to the side of a bus for the police to take Shocker into custody.


  • Shocker Gauntlets: The Shocker's gauntlets are a specialized weapon that when fired, are able to generate energy blasts that can push heavy objects. His gauntlets can inflict blunt force trauma if the blasts are aimed at a living target.


  • In the comics, Herman Schultz is an unsuccessful burglar, with a gifted skill working with tools, developed, in prison, what was to become the infamous vibro-shock units that advanced his already criminal ways to a new plateau.