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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is an animated film, released on December 14, 2018. It has no connection with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or any live action films.


“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” introduces Brooklyn teen Miles Morales, and the limitless possibilities of the Spider-Verse, where more than one can wear the mask.[1]


Spider-Man is a well known superhero. He has saved the world, met and fell in love with Mary Jane Watson, spawned a cereal and ice cream bar, produced a Christmas album, and starred in a cartoon with a catchy theme song.

He is admired by Miles Morales, a young kid and skilled artist. Miles lives with his parents nurse Rio Morales and police officer Jefferson Davis. He is attending an elite boarding school but wants to get out of it. Miles starts walking to school, secretly putting stickers with his art on it. Jeff finds him knowing he is putting the stickers places. He drives him the rest of the way while convincing him to give the school a chance.

At school, Miles is overwhelmed with the work. He arrives late for a physics class, which is talking about alternate dimensions. He makes a joke causing only one other student, a beautiful girl, to laugh and he tries to strike a friendship with her. His teacher confronts him on a true or false test that he scored a zero on, noting that the only way he could do that would be to know every answer and purposely answer wrong. She assigns him an essay to explore who he wants to be.

Later, he leaves his dorm room to meet with his uncle, Aaron Davis, whom his father does not want him associating with. Aaron gives him advice on how to talk to him and how to charm the girl he met earlier. When he notices Miles's artwork, Aaron takes him to an abandoned subway station to practice his art. While they are leaving, a spider appears and bites Miles on the hand. He swats it dead and thinks nothing of it.

The next morning, Miles finds he has grown out of his clothes. At school he bumps into the girl, who introduces herself as "Gwanda". He tries his uncle's move on her but ends up getting his hand stuck on her hair. They are forced to go to the nurse's station to cut her hair off his hand. A security guard tries to confront Miles about him leaving the night before causing him to run. He ends up in the security guard's office. Trying to get out, he finds himself unable to not stick to the walls and ceiling. He crawls out the window ending onto the side of the building, getting spotted by Wanda. Miles realizes he is just like Spider-Man.

Miles tries to call Aaron, who is away for several days on some business. He returns to the station to ensure that the spider was just a normal spider. When he finds it, he notices that it "glitches" when he touches it. He hears a noise down a nearby hall and follows it.

He comes across a laboratory where Spider-Man is fighting Green Goblin. During the melee, Miles is accidentally thrown into a massive chamber. Spider-Man tries to insert a USB device into a panel in the chamber but is stopped by Green Goblin. When Miles is put in danger, Spider-Man swings down to save them. Suddenly, they both have their Spider-Sense go off and the superhero realizes there is another with his powers. Miles says he doesn't want to be like him but Spider-Man says he may not have a choice, promising to help train him after he destroys the accelerator.

Kingpin arrives and orders the accelerator to be turned on. Prowler appears and starts fighting Spider-Man. The accelerator activates and the room fills with energy. Green Goblin snatches Spider-Man forcing him into the accelerator's beams giving him a vision of what's inside. The scientist find they have contacted five other parallel universe. The energies in the room cause an explosion destroying it, shutting off the machine, starting an earthquake, and causing a power outage in the city. Also, numerous glitches happen around the city bringing in strange objects and effecting buildings.

Miles searches the debris finding a critically injured Spider-Man. The hero gives him the USB device saying he has to destroy the accelerator before the city is destroyed. Miles looks at the panel on the ceiling but doesn't know if he can get to it. He hears Kingpin and his henchmen below. They find Spider-Man who tells Kingpin that he knows what he is trying to do and it won't work. Kingpin gets angry and smashes him with his massive fists, killing him. In his shock, Miles accidentally knocks something down calling their attention. Kingpin sends Prowler after him to kill him. Miles makes his way back to the subway with Prowler hot on his heels. He loses the villain when a subway train nearly runs him over.

Miles returns home in tears. He is comforted by his parents who allow him to stay the night. Miles overhears the news that Spider-Man's body has been found and identified as Peter Parker. The news spread quickly through the city causing everyone to mourn. Miles goes to a costume shop where the elderly owner, Stan, tells him he will grow into the costume. Miles attends the funeral for Peter where Peter's Aunt May and wife Mary Jane Watson offer a eulogy. Miles tries to jump off a building to test his new powers but becomes afraid of the height. During his training, Miles accidentally destroys the USB.

Miles goes to the grave of Peter to apologize for not living up to his legacy. Just then, an older man sneaks up behind him. In his surprise, Miles shocks him knocking him out. However, the man spins a web to his chest. Miles sees the man's shirt is actually a Spider-Man suit and that he looks just like Peter except older.

In another universe, Peter Parker lived a similar life. He saved the city, fell in love with Mary Jane Watson, and married her. However, she wanted children and he was afraid of what could happen. After making some questionable investments that didn't pay out, Peter and Mary Jane divorced. Peter moved into his own apartment and became slightly overweight. One day while eating pizza, Peter noticed a portal in his ceiling that pulled him into another dimension. He found that everything was similar but slightly different and that his counterpart was dead. He watched over the funeral from a nearby rooftop lamenting the loss for this Mary Jane. He found Miles at the grave site and was knocked out.

The police arrive at the graveyard and find Miles and the second Peter. Miles grabs the new Peter and uses the web-shooter to swing away. The police chase the two but they lose them. The new Peter wakes up, in Aaron's apartment, tied up. Miles questions him, explains the accelerator, and tries to get this Peter to train him like the other Peter promised. Peter gets out and takes the USB device realizing that the accelerator can get him home. Miles follows eventually gui-t tripping Peter into training him. At a restaurant, that Peter has chosen since the one in his world closed, Miles realizes that this Peter may not be the best teacher. They realize they need to make a new USB to stop the accelerator.

Spider-Man and Miles go to Alchemax headquarters following the supposed path of the dead Spider-Man. Spider-Man leaves Miles behind to guard the exit. When Miles sees Kingpin arrive with Tombstone, Miles follows. They sneak into a scientist's office and see her password. They go inside to steal the data and they find that Miles can turn invisible. The scientist walks in on Spider-Man realizing that he is from another universe. She questions him while Miles breaks into the computer. She reveals that she is Olivia Octavius, this universe's Doctor Octopus, and attacks Spider-Man.

Miles grabs the computer itself and runs out. Spider-Man soon follows with Doctor Octopus on his tail. During their escape, more Alchemax personnel attack and they flee into the nearby woods. Spider-Man gives Miles a web-shooter so they can websling together. Doctor Octopus pursues and nearly gets the computer back. When Doctor Octopus nearly gets him, a female Spider-Woman arrives to knock her out. She takes off her mask revealing herself to be Wanda, whose real name is Gwen Stacy.

In her universe, Gwen was bitten by a radioactive spider. She also joined a band as the drummer. Her father is a cop she helped save. Her best friend, Peter Parker, became Lizard and as killed. Since then she has stayed away from friends. One day she was sucked into a portal, but was actually sent a week into the past. She sensed she had to go to the same school as Miles.

Doctor Octopus returns to Kingpin saying that the heroes got away but says the good news is the accelerator works. Kingpin thinks back to a time he fought Spider-Man. While viciously beating the hero, his wife Vanessa and son Richard walked in on him. Horrified as his actions they sped away and were killed in a car accident. Kingpin wants to use the accelerator to bring a new Vanessa and Richard to him.

On their way back, Miles blames Peter for the broken USB and finally finds the courage to talk to Gwen who is pleased to talk to another superhero. The three heroes make their way to the home of Aunt May. She initially thinks they are more annoying mourners until she finds the older version of her dead nephew. She takes them to a shed in the back that leads to a secret lair underneath containing computers, the Spider-Mobile, and a Spider-Cycle. Miles is astounded by the array of various suits this Spider-Man has. Peter sees a picture of this universe's Mary Jane and begins missing his ex-wife. Just then, May introduces them to three other heroes who came and found her: a black and white noir version of Spider-Man also named Peter Parker, a young Japanese girl with an advanced robot named Peni Parker, and a anthropomorphic comical pig named Peter Porker. Each weaspulled into this universe by the same accident.

The noir Peter is a detective in a 1930s universe often making questionable choices. Hailing from a far future, Peni has a psychic bond with a spider that resides in the advanced armor. Porker was bitten by a radioactive pig.

At that point, the visitors all start glitching. They realize that if they stay in this world they will be killed, so they must return their homes. However, the group realize that someone has to stay behind to destroy the accelerator. Miles volunteers as he is the only native, but the group doubt his abilities.

Feeling left out, Miles tries to call his father but then decides to go to Aaron's apartment. He writes a note to his uncle saying he might be leaving. Just then, Prowler starts entering the apartment. Miles turns invisible to hide from the villain, who takes off his mask revealing that he is his uncle Aaron. Miles makes a run for it and Prowler pursues. The boy is only able to elude his uncle following a traffic accident though Prowler watches him flee.

Peni makes a new USB. Just then, Doctor Octopus arrives at May's home along with Tombstone, Scorpion, and Prowler. The heroes and villains engage in a battle that destroys the home. Miles gets away with the USB with Prowler in pursuit. Prowler corners Miles on the roof and begins strangling him. Miles takes off his mask and, in his shock, Prowler takes off his as well. Kingpin orders Prowler to kill the boy from a nearby car. When Aaron refuses, Kingpin shoots him through the back. Miles grabs his uncle and flees as police arrive. In an alley, Aaron apologizes to Miles saying he is the best of them and then dies in his arms. Jeff spots the two and tries to arrest this Spider-Man. Miles turns invisible and flees while Jeff finds his brother dead and thinks Spider-Man killed him.

Miles returns to his dorm room and begins trashing it in anger. The other heroes arrive and explain they have all lost loved ones and understand exactly what he is going through. Miles' roommate Ganke Lee enters and the group sneak around on the ceiling. When Ganke finally spots them he faints and they put him in his bed. The group tells Miles that the older Peter has volunteered to stay behind to destroy the accelerator since they doubt Miles. They leave and Peter points out how he cannot control his abilities. He webs Miles to the chair so he cannot follow. Miles asks when he knows he is Spider-Man, but Peter replies that he won't and it will be a leap of faith.

Jeff arrives at the dorm to tell Miles about Aaron, but he is still webbed up and doesn't have the strength to get out. Jeff tells his son that he is sorry for the mistakes he made and assures him he has always believed in him. This motivates Miles to finally break out using his electrical abilities. He returns to May's house who gives him the dead Peter's web-shooters and a costume. Miles paints the costume black and red then jumps off a building in a leap of faith, finally realizing he is a Spider-Man.

The other heroes arrive at Fisk Towers finding that Kingpin is hosting a memorial event to Spider-Man. They see the waiters all wearing masks and realize they can simply walk around with any problems. They pretend to be waiters to get by. Mary Jane then asks Spider-Man, not realizing it is another Peter, about some bread. Spider-Man starts apologizing vowing to make things right, then stumbles to make it about her dining request.

The five sneak into the lab and start searching for the panel. As they find it, Doctor Octopus appears and attacks with Scorpion also appearing. The heroes engage in a fight but seem overwhelmed. Just then, Doctor Octopus's tentacles begin attacking her. Miles appears in his new Spider-Man outfit and Peter realizes he can finally control his abilities so he can send them home. However, Kingpin sees them and turns on the accelerator. He puts a strand of Vanessa's hair in the middle so the accelerator can find her. However, this starts pulling in objects like cars, trains, and even buildings in from the other five worlds. During the battle, Peni's SP//dr mech is destroyed by Scorpion who is then defeated by Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham. Doctor Octopus is eventually defeated by the two Spider-Men.

The accelerator causes more earthquakes, more power outages, and more glitches. Jeff sees the glitching around Fisk Tower and heads inside.

Miles plugs in the USB and sends in the other heroes one by one. Before she leaves, Miles and Gwen promise to be friends. Before Peter can leave, Kingpin makes his way to the panel vowing vengeance. Peter starts to attack but Miles stops him saying he can handle it, as he wants to stop Kingpin himself since he couldn't do anything to stop the original Spider-Man from dying at Kingpin's hands. Before he goes, Peter asks how he knows he won't screw things up and Miles tells him to take a leap of faith.

With the other heroes gone, Miles fights Kingpin alone. Jeff arrives at the lab to see the battle going on. They get on a train flying around the accelerator but Kingpin easily overwhelms Spider-Man. They eventually fly into the energy beams where Kingpin sees several visions of different Vanessas and Richards, each as terrified of him attacking Spider-Man as his were. Realizing he has alienated even more of his family his attacks grow even more aggressive. He threatens to kill his entire family, and that is when Spider-Man sees his father nearby. Kingpin eventually slams Miles into the ground with the same force he used to kill the last Spider-Man. Miles gets up then, using what his uncle taught him, shocks Kingpin back with his electrical blast. He webs Kingpin around slamming him into the button, destroying the accelerator once and for all.

After the chaos dies down, Miles calls his father to apologize and they finally talk again. He ends the call and jumps down, as Spider-Man, near Jeff. Jeff says he realizes Spider-Man is not the enemy even if he doesn't agree with him. He is then shocked when Spider-Man hugs him and says he loves him before swinging away.

Miles embraces his new identity as Spider-Man and wows the people of New York. In the other universes, Peni rebuilds her mech, the Noir Spider-Man begins selling Rubik's Cubes, Spider-Ham continues enjoying life, and Peter goes to Mary Jane to make up. As Miles is laying in bed, a portal opens above his head and he hears Gwen's voice.

Some time later, a woman speaks to yet another Spider-Man. She informs him of what happened and that the Multiverse was saved. She gives him a device allowing him to easily move in and out of alternate dimensions, saying he could be either the first or last to do so. Spider-Man picks an alternate Earth and slides into it. He appears before another Spider-Man and they start pointing at each other accusing the other of pointing at him. A police officer asks J. Jonah Jameson who the real Spider-Man is, who doesn't know.



Details of the film originally surfaced on November 24, 2014, when Sony was hacked. The details stated that it was a comedy.[2]

At Sony's presentation on April 22, 2015 at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, Tom Rothman announced that Phil Lord and Chris Miller (who directed The Lego Movie and Jump Street) would make an animated Spider-Man film. Lord and Miller would be writing and producing for it though, the director of the movie yet to be announced. The movie would be set for release on July 20, 2018. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Amy Pascal, would also be serving as producers.[3]

Lord announced that the movie would be a standalone film, with more creative freedom, and be "off a little bit to the side". It would also have no connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[4]






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