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Spider-Man Uniform is a superhero suit used by Peter Parker to protect his identity.


Captain America: Civil War

Originally, Peter Parker wore a homemade suit consisting of red and blue clothing such as a blue pants with a red hoodie over the top with the cut-short sleeves and a black spider on the chest, red fingerless gloves with black webbing designs on them and black goggles to fight crime in New York City. Peter hid this suit from his aunt May by hiding it in a loft above his room which came down on a rope whenever someone opened it. When Tony Stark figures out that he is Spider-Man, he then told Peter that he is needed an upgrade, constructing a new-and-improved suit.[1]


Homemade Suit

  • Web-Shooters: The suit has Web-Shooters strapped onto the wrists that allow Spider-Man to shoot webbing for various purposes.
  • Goggles: Peter relied on wearing black goggles which had adjustable lenses for Peter to see out of. The lenses could widen and squint to allow him to block extra stimuli due to his highly enhanced senses making it difficult for him to focus.

Tech Suit

  • Eye Lenses: Spider-Man's eye lenses, much like his original suit's goggles, appears to be modeled after camera shutters, giving him a squinting look when they close in and provide him a greater depth of field. This mechanism also helps Parker filter out extra stimuli, as well as display a HUD for Peter to use.
    • HUD: The suit has a heads-up display system, powered by Karen allowing Spider-Man to analyze his surroundings.
  • Upgraded Web-Shooters: The suit came with Tony Stark's version of Peter's original Web-Shooters strapped onto the wrists that allow Spider-Man to shoot webbing for various purposes. It was revealed that the Web-Shooters allows Spider-Man to display holographic information, as seen when he first received the suit, including the projection of a Spider-Signal with the motif of his mask and the tracking coordinates of his Reconnaissance Drone. In addition, the Web-Shooters are configurable to allow Spider-Man to use up to 576 different web combinations. The different combinations are even dialed through either by hand gestures or voice commands, with the suit's HUD showing different selections.
    • Web Grenade: An explosive charge of Spider-Man's webs, which detonated releases another, more powerful web either in the form of a net or another web line.
    • Taser Web: An option in the basic webbing that allows for an electrical current that flows through the webbing and neutralize the target.
    • Splitter Web: Several web lines attaching to several targets at the same time.
    • Rapid Fire: A series of smaller web projectiles fired at a constant pace.
    • Ricochet Web: The ricochet web setting fires a strand of webbing that bounces off a target and sticks to another.
    • GPS Trackers: Spider-Man's upgraded web-shooters demonstrates the ability to launch small GPS trackers, which Peter can track with his suit's systems.
  • Utility Belt: Spider-Man's belt attached to the suit can hold up to six spare web cartridges to be used as a refill web fluid.
  • Vacuum Seal: By pressing the emblem on the chest, Peter can have the suit expand and become several sizes larger, allowing him to slip in or out of the suit very easily.
  • Parachute: The suit has a built-in parachute, deployed from the spider symbol on his back once Spider-Man exceeds a certain altitude. However, the parachute is a one-time use, requiring the suit to be resupplied after each use.
  • GPS Tracking System: In his right-handed Web-Shooter, Peter can access to the suit's GPS tracking system with a holographic display, allowing him to follow his tracker.
  • Heater: The suit has an inbuilt heating system to keep Spider-Man warm. The heater was powerful enough to instantly dry up the suit if it was soaked in water.
  • Karen: The suit has an inbuilt A.I. system that was named Karen by Peter, similar to Tony Stark’s A.I, that informs Spider-Man on changing tactical situations, as well as providing diagnostic reports. This feature was initially set to activate after Peter completed the Training Wheels Protocol but was unblocked by Ned Leeds. Karen records and stores data while the suit is in use through the security footage called Baby Monitor Protocol, allowing Spider-Man to access a personal database and review information he may have overlooked previously, or to research further into people or events he's previously encountered. Karen is also able to suggest and activate features of the suit without Spider-Man's command.
  • Enhanced Reconnaissance Mode: A mode that allows Spider-Man's hearing and optics to be enhanced. It enables both X-Ray and infrared vision to see through solid objects and locate his target. It also allows for enhanced hearing to the point that he can hear conversations from far away. It also corresponds to the suit to retrieve data from certain individuals and their backgrounds.
  • Enhanced Combat Mode: The suit was programmed with a function to enhance combat ability and performance.
    • Instant-Kill Mode: As the name suggests, it allows Spider-Man and his webs to attack in manners that could kill a target. While in Instant-Kill Mode, the suit's eye lenses enclose together exposing only a small red light emitting from the eyes.
  • Web Wings: An upgrade from Tony Stark that allows Spider-Man to glide in the air with a pair of wings that spread from his armpits and extend to his upper arms and thighs. They can be retracted for when he doesn't need them, and are typically only used for when he's too high or not enough places for him to swing from.
  • Reconnaissance Drone: The spider emblem on his chest is capable of detaching from its socket, utilizing a miniature propulsion engine from its tail that allows it to fly through the air. It has a mode which allows it to fly onto a target and act as a tracking device.
  • Enhanced Interrogation Mode: Spider-Man's voice is digitally altered to sound deep and intimidating in order to better interrogate criminals.
  • Communication System: The suit has a built-in communication system, this can be use for Peter to receive phone calls by anyone.

Iron Spider Armor

  • Nanite Suit Materialization: The suit is composed of a similar mineral of nano-particles that are used in Tony Stark's Iron Man Armor: Mark L. It can be compressed and stored in a smaller device that can be launched from its base at Avengers Compound. The suit can encompass itself around Peter within a matter of moments, and from any position, even in free fall. The suit can also re-compact itself within the same amount of time, as the headpiece of the suit was able to be removed at a moment's notice.
  • Enhanced Durability: The suit was able to withstand a powerful slam from Thanos. It can also survive the rigors of outer space, allowing Spider-Man to breathe and maneuver in environments with little to no atmosphere and even zero gravity. 
  • Armored Web-Shooters: Similar to Peter's previous suit, this suit features Web-Shooters that project webbing. The webbing in the suit seems to be even stronger than Spider-Man's first suits, as it was able to encase and delay being of universe-level power such as the Black Order and Thanos himself. 
  • Spider-Legs: Created by Tony Stark, within the suit contains four armored spider legs within the spider symbol that's located on the back of the suit and seemed to be controlled through a direct neural interface, which grant Peter greater mobility and better grip on his surroundings. The spider-legs are able to withstand Thanos’ grip without becoming damaged, and the very pull of the vacuum of Outer Space. Peter uses them as breaks to slow himself down after catching Mantis in mid-air.
  • Parachute: Like the previous model, the suit contains a parachute in the back spider symbol.